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A plumber is a skilled craftsperson that installs and repairs pipe systems that carry water, waste drainage, natural and medical gas in buildings. They join pipes and install fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers, and water heaters.


Often they design these systems or they may work from blueprints and drawings. They have the very important job of helping to keep water safe for you to use for drinking and bathing.


A steamfitter is a master craftsman who installs many varieties of piping systems. They layout, fabricate and assemble pipes from drawings, blueprints and specifications. They thoroughly test the piping systems for proper operation.

Steamfitters install and service sophisticated equipment, state-of-the art controls and piping systems for power generation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing and refrigeration, petroleum refinery, and chemical and petrochemical processing.

They complete environmental control systems in schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, airports, malls, high-rise offices and apartment buildings.


A Welder specializes in welding various metals together.  These individuals carry UA certifications relating to the types of metals and jobs that they wish to participate.

Helpful Traits:

• Good attendance
• Knowledge of algebra, geometry and
  general math
• Drafting and blueprint reading
• Good science and English skills
• Welding

Local 50 is a combination Plumbers/Steamfitters Local. Upon graduation from the apprenticeship program, you may decide whether you want your journeyman card to read Plumber or Steamfitter. This classification is based upon successful completion of: UA written/hands-on tests and City of Toledo licensing.

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