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How It Works

Both Apprenticeship Programs are 5 year programs.  The process is started with your application.  You are required to bring your application to the training center in person with all required documentation. After your application has been received, you will be scheduled for an aptitude test.  If you pass all parts of the aptitude test, you will then wait for the next interview session scheduled by the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee.  You will be notified by certified mail if you are awarded an interview.

If you are one of the chosen from the interview process, you will be notified by certified mail.  The Director of Training will then be reaching out to you.  He will be advising you of the time frame in which you will be dispatched to work.  You are likely to be put to work before you start school.  You will work during the day for the assigned contractor and attend school during the school year 2 to 4 nights per week.  The school year is September through May.

You will be paid by the contractor for the hours that you work.  If you are turning in your paperwork on time, working the required number of hours and passing your classes, you will receive a raise every 6 months while you are in the program.  Violations of the Statement of Policy may delay your raises.  

While you are in the program, it is our job to keep you employed and to teach you the trade.  It is your responsibility to follow the Statement of Policy rules and respect the process.

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